The cornerstone of our business is custom yacht construction. Working with you to create the vessel of your dreams is our bottom line. Case in point was the creation of "Level One". Level One was the brainchild of Jim Carpentio of Vancouver, WA. Jim had spent nearly three years dreaming, designing and, planning a boat that could accommodate the needs of his wife Anne.

Anne, who is confined to a wheel chair, needed a vessel that was wheel chair accessible, which on a 47' yacht is no small task. Easy access on and off, wider hatch openings, lower counter tops (details that would frustrate production builders) had to all be considered. Working with the Carpentio's and local naval architects, We built one of the most unique Trawler Yachts on the West Coast! Designed through out to accommodate Anne's wheel chair yet, not lacking thoughtful styling elements, Level One was a success in ever respect of the word.

To quote Anne " It's the kind of boat I'd like even if I didn't need a wheel chair."

Give us a call today and discover how we can help you create the vessel of your dreams.

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